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The Hotel Between – Sean Easley – #1

January 9, 2019

Beyond these doors,

the world of your dreams.

A magical web of floors,

lies lost in the seams.

Once invited, you must take care,

lest you vanish between the here and there.

Welcome to the Hotel Between.

Twins Cameron and Cassia have never known their parents. They’ve been told their mother died, and Cass is certain their father abandoned them. Cam isn’t so sure. He wants to prove her wrong; he must. Cam’s wish is soon granted in the form of a glistening, golden sign with elaborate flourishes that reads: THE HOTEL BETWEEN. With doors that open to countries all over the world, magical trollies, charmed corridors that can be altered on a whim, stone elephants that come to life, sweets made from rocks; everything is possible in the Hotel. Cam has a hunch his father is somehow connected to this magical place, and may even be lost within its hidden halls. Every journey has its risks, and THE HOTEL BETWEEN is full of dangerous secrets. If Cam’s not careful, his stay may be over before his vacation has even started. (Description taken from the book: The Hotel Between.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

Cam’s nose bleeds, Nico cuts him and Cam’s hands to become “blood brothers”, Nico uses a weapon called sliver to stab people (no blood from that it just sends them to Australia but he says it hurts), Cam has a WWTD (Worst Way To Die) list that he mentions ways to die, Cam says he is going to wring someone’s neck, Cam’s sister has a disorder and chokes and vomits.

Language —

Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —


Other Info

Title — The Hotel Between

Author — Sean Easley

Series — The Hotel Between

Book in Series — #1

Pages — 352

Publishing Date — 2018

Publisher — Simon & Schuster

How to Get The Hotel BetweenAmazon-TheHotelBetween

*The more stars the better.

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