I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 – Lauren Tarshis

January 11, 2019

Barry’s family tries to evacuate before Hurricane Katrina hits their home in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. But when Barrys’s little sister gets terribly sick, they’re forced to stay home and wait out the storm. At first, Katrina doesn’t seem to be as severe a storm as forecasters predicted. But overnight the levees break, and Barry’s world is literally torn apart. He’s swept away by the floodwaters, away from his family. Can he survive the storm of the century–alone? (Description taken from the book: I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

Abe has a dog named Cruz that he says is a killer dog and if he says to the dog will go for the neck, people die because of the hurricane, the water Berry jumps into burns from fumes.

Language —


Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —

Other Info

Title — I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Author — Lauren Tarshis

Series — I Survived

Book in Series — N/A

Pages — 95

Publishing Date — 2011

Publisher — Scholastic

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