War Dogs – Joanne Mattern

January 29, 2019

Soldiers, firefighters, and police officers are often heroic. Did you know that dogs can be heroes, too? From serving in our nation’s wars to rescuing people trapped in disasters, these remarkable dogs have all been genuine heroes. Here are their incredible true stories. (Description taken from the book: War Dogs.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

There are injuries, war, death, drugs (the dogs are trying to find them).

Language —


Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —

There are drug sniffing dogs.

Other Info

Title — War Dogs

Author — Joanne Mattern

Series — N/A

Book in Series — N/A

Pages — 85

Publishing Date — 2002

Publisher — Scholastic Inc.

How to Get War DogsAmazon-WarDogs

*The more stars the better.

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