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Hero on a Bicycle – Shirley Hughes

March 10, 2019

Florence, Italy, 1944: The city is under heavy Nazi occupation, but for thirteen-year-old Paolo, war is a long and boring wait. Too young to fight for the resistance, yet desperate for action and adventure, he sneaks out each night to ride his bicycle along the darkened city streets. For Paolo, the risk is thrilling. But when he is accosted by Partisans–covert members of the anti-Nazi movement–thrilling quickly becomes dangerous as Paolo and his family are thrust into a terrifying and impossible situation. Finally at the center of the action, Paolo must figure out once and for all whether he has what it takes to truly be a hero. (Description taken from the book: Hero on a Bicycle.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

A dog gets shot in the head a couple of times and his brain and blood ooze out and there is a jagged hole where his eye used to be, there is war, death, bombs, shooting, people say that people get tortured by the Nazis, a couple different types of injuries.

Language —

Hell is said twice, people curse but they don’t say the word e.g. “he cursed it long and hard under his breath.”

Sex/Love —

Teens loving each other, two teens almost kiss, two teens kiss.

Drugs/Alcohol —

People smoke cigarettes throughout the book.

Other Info

Title — Hero on a Bicycle

Author — Shirly Hughes

Series — N/A

Book in Series — N/A

Pages — 213

Publishing Date — 2012

Publisher — Candlewick

How to Get Hero on a BicycleAmazon-HeroOnABicycle

*The more stars the better.

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