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Whistling in the Dark – Shirley Hughes

March 22, 2019

“Liverpool, 1940: Thirteen-year-old Joan’s home is under constant threat from the Nazis’ terrifying nightly air raids. Everyone is on edge, faced with strict food rationing, curfews, and blackouts. It’s not an easy time to be a teenager. Joan’s one solace is going to the movies with her best friend, Doreen, but when the bombings intensify, even that becomes too dangerous, especially when a strange man is found lurking near their home. Who is he, and why does he think Joan can help him? As the Blitz worsens, Joan and her friends make a discovery that will tear the whole community apart.

In the hardship of war, everything seems to be rationed– except true friendship. From beloved author Shirley Hughes comes a compelling wartime adventure set during the Liverpool Blitz. (Description taken from the book: Whistling in the Dark.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

Bombings, a teenager is threatened with torture, a car tries to run over some kids, a car hits a kid and breaks one of his bones, a teenager is in a church when a bomb goes off and is injured, Joan’s mom gets sick, there is war, people are killed from the bombings.

Language —

God is used, someone calls someone “biggest creep” and “creep”, there is gossiping.

Sex/Love —

Girlfriend and boyfriend, a girl ‘likes’ a boy, dancing, two adults get engaged but then the boy’s ex gets back together with him.

Drugs/Alcohol —

Cigarettes are smoked throughout the book.

Other Info

Title — Whistling in the Dark

Author — Shirley Hughes

Series — N/A

Book in Series — N/A

Pages — 227

Publishing Date — 2015

Publisher — Candlewick Press

How to Get Whistling in the DarkAmazon-WhistlingInTheDark

*The more stars the better.

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