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Point Blank – Anthony Horowitz – #2

April 18, 2019

Kids are dying mysteriously at a Swiss boarding school, and Alex Rider, reluctant teen superspy, is going undercover to find out why. But the mystery he uncovers is more nefarious than he’d ever expected, and now the clock is ticking on Alex’s mission. Is his luck about to run out? (Description taken from the book: Point Blank.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

Alex gets shot at, teens shoot animals and leave them to die, teens chase Alex and try to shoot him for fun, Alex is threatened to be dissected alive but escapes before then, Alex gets shot at, a man gets shot in the head, Alex gets hit by a person, Alex falls of a train and gets hurt, soldiers storm the evil school and shoot/kill/injure some people, Alex shoots a girl around his age with a sleeping dart so she didn’t tell the enemy information, Alex kicks someone, a woman fights with Alex, the woman gets shot and killed and falls down the mountain, Alex launches a snowmobile into the main enemy’s helicopter.

Language —

Hell and damn are said a couple times.

Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —

A woman smokes.

Other Info

Title — Point Blank

Author — Anthony Horowitz

Series — Alex Rider

Book in Series — #2

Pages — 274

Publishing Date — 2001

Publisher — Penguin Group

How to Get Point BlankAmazon-PointBlank

*The more stars the better.

(Russian Roulette is a prequel).

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