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Predator vs. Prey – Lisa McMann – #2

April 29, 2019

Charlie Wilde is desperate for answers. Who are the masked people that are after her–and is it really possible they’re not human? Where have they taken her father–and why is he so important to them? The only thing Charlie knows for certain is that this whole nightmare is somehow connected to the mysterious bracelet she discovered a few weeks ago. The one that gives her a cheetah’s speed, and elephant’s strength, and other incredible abilities from the animal kingdom. After using the device to break into a secret lab, Charlie thought she might finally be able to get to the bottom of all this. But instead of answers, she and her friends found three more bracelets. now they each have one–and that might not be such a good thing. Maria’s device comes with disastrous side effects. Amateur hacker Mac can’t wait to play with his. And Charlie’s frenemy, Kelly, swears hers is a dud, but she might be hiding something. Charlie will need their help to have any hope of rescuing her dad and figuring out what their beastly foes are planning–but she’ll first have to keep her friends from going completely wild with their new powers. (Description taken from the book: Predator vs. Prey.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

Fighting, mild injuries, Andy gets poisoned and stabbed, people are held hostage, a kid that doesn’t like her parents says ‘I can’t wait to kick the crap out of that ball and pretend it’s my (probably father)… Never mind’.

Language —

Characters say crap, characters mention butts and animal poop, someone says ‘I hate you’.

Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —


Other Info

Title — Predator vs. Prey

Author — Lisa McMann

Series — Going Wild

Book in Series — #2

Pages — 386

Publishing Date — 2017

Publisher — HarperCollins Publishers

How to Get Predator vs. PreyAmazon-PredatorVs.Prey

*The more stars the better.

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