Sleepover Sleuths – Carolyn Keene – #1

May 29, 2019

Nancy and her two best friends, George and Bess, are so excited! They have been invited to Deirdre’s sleepover party! There will be pizza, cake, and even a pajama fashion show. But the most exciting thing is that the party has a City Girls doll theme. All of the guests are bringing their dolls with them! But then Deirdre’s City Girls doll–Hollywood Heather–goes missing. Is her sleepover ruined? Or is there a detective in the room who can make sense of this mystery? (Description taken from the book: Sleepover Sleuths.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —


Language —

Characters say Omigosh twice, there are a couple arguments, someone says put a sock in it, Cassidy calls a character a meanie.

Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —


Other Info

Title — Sleepover Sleuths

Author — Carolyn Keene

Series — Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew

Book in Series — #1

Pages — 82

Publishing Date — 2006

Publisher — Simon & Schuster Inc.

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*The more stars the better.


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