Invasion of the Overworld – Mark Cheverton – #1

July 1, 2019

Gameknight999 loved Minecraft, but above all else he loved to grief–to intentionally ruin the gaming experience for other users. When one of his father’s inventions teleports him into the game, Gameknight is forced to live out a real-life adventure inside a digital world. What will happen if he’s killed? Will he respawn? Die in real life? Stuck in the game, Gameknight discovers Minecraft’s best-kept secret, something not even the game’s programmers realize: the creatures within the game are alive! He will have to stay one step ahead of the sharp claws of zombies and pointed fangs of spiders, but he’ll also have to learn to make friends and work as part of a team to have any chance of surviving the Minecraft war his arrival has started. This action-packed tribute to the worldwide computer game phenomenon is a runaway publishing smash and the perfect companion for Minecraft fans of all ages. (Description taken from the book: Invasion of the Overworld.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —

Some Minecraft violence, there are zombies skeletons and giant spiders (but are made out of blocks).

Language —

Gameknight trolls some people in Minecraft and gets called butthead and you suck, suck and idiot is said a couple of times.

Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —


Other Info

Title — Invasion of the Overworld

Author — Mark Cheverton

Series — Gameknight999

Book in Series — #1

Pages — 180

Publishing Date — 2013

Publisher — Sky Pony Press

How to Get Invasion of the OverworldAmazon-InvasionOfTheOverworld

*The more stars the better.

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