The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl – Stacy McAnulty

March 18, 2020

Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning 4 years ago. She doesn’t remember it, but it changed her life forever. The zap gave her genius-level math skills, and ever since, Lucy has been homeschooled. Now, at 12 years old, she’s technically ready for college. Lucy’s grandma wants her to pass just 1 more test–middle school! Lucy must: Go to middle school for 1 year. Make 1 friend. Join 1 activity. And read 1 book (That’s not a math textbook!). Lucy’s not sure what someone who does calculus homework for fun can possibly learn in 7th grade. She has everything she needs at home, where nobody can make fun of her rigid routines or her superpowered brain. The equation of Lucy’s life has already been solved… unless there’s been a miscalculation? (Description taken from the book: The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl.

Story —

Violence/Scariness —


Language —

Some small name-calling.

Sex/Love —


Drugs/Alcohol —


Other Info

Title — The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

Author — Stacy McAnulty

Series — N/A

Book in Series — N/A

Pages — 283

Publishing Date — 2018

Publisher — Penguin Random House

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*The more stars the better.

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