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Sarah Whitcher’s Story – Elizabeth Yates
Classic / April 12, 2019

One day Sarah follows a tiny bird away from her family’s cabin. A clearing of wildflowers and a strawberry patch draw her deep into the thick forest. When night begins to creep through the trees, Sarah realizes that she is lost. On the farm settlers gather to search for Sarah. But after long days of tramping through the woods, they begin to lose hope. Only Sarah’s father believes that they will find her alive. (Description taken from the book: Sarah Whitcher’s Story. Story — Violence/Scariness — A bear throws a small girl into the air and scratches her, a small girl gets scraped in the forest. Language — N/A Sex/Love — N/A Drugs/Alcohol — N/A Other Info Title — Sarah Whitcher’s Story Author — Elizabeth Yates Series — N/A Book in Series — N/A Pages — 92 Publishing Date — 1994 Publisher — BJU Press How to Get Sarah Whitcher’s Story — AmazonSarahWhitcher’sStory *The more stars the better.

White Fang – Jack London
Classic / April 7, 2019

Jack London’s adventure masterpiece is not only a vivid account of the Klondike gold rush and North American Indian life, but it is also an intriguing study of the effects different environments have on an individual. Celebrate the centennial anniversary of the classic tale of a wolf-dog who endures great cruelty before he comes to know human kindness. (Description taken from the book: White Fang. Story — Violence/Scariness — Dogs/Wolves fight throughout the book, wide range of killing/injuries, dogs/wolves bite throats. Language — Damn and Hell are said throughout the book (mostly in the end of the book). Sex/Love — Wolves/dogs have babies. Drugs/Alcohol — An Indian gets addicted to alcohol. Other Info Title — White Fang Author — Jack London Series — N/A Book in Series — N/A Pages — 343 Publishing Date — 1906 Publisher — Aladdin Classics How to Get White Fang — Amazon-WhiteFang *The more stars the better.

The Call of the Wild – (Retold) Jack London
Classic , Classic Starts / March 18, 2019

Buck has always been a peaceful animal, until one day he is kidnapped and made to work as a sled dog in the harsh Yukon Territory. Can Buck find a way to trust men again or will he succumb to the ancient canine instincts that his time in the wild has awakened in him? (Description taken from the book: The Call of the Wild (Retold). Story — Has a sad ending. Violence/Scariness — The dogs fight throughout the book, Buck fights some Indians, the dogs live through harsh circumstances, Buck gets beaten with a club. Language — Buck’s human friend calls him bad names (doesn’t say what the names are) to show his love toward Buck. Sex/Love — N/A Drugs/Alcohol — N/A Other Info Title — The Call of the Wild (Retold) Author — Jack London (Retold By Oliver Ho) Series — Classic Starts Book in Series — N/A Pages — 145 Publishing Date — 2005 Publisher — Sterling Publishing How to Get The Call of the Wild (Retold) — Amazon-TheCallOfTheWild(Retold) *The more stars the better.