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The Call of the Wild – (Retold) Jack London
Classic , Classic Starts / March 18, 2019

Buck has always been a peaceful animal, until one day he is kidnapped and made to work as a sled dog in the harsh Yukon Territory. Can Buck find a way to trust men again or will he succumb to the ancient canine instincts that his time in the wild has awakened in him? (Description taken from the book: The Call of the Wild (Retold). Story — Has a sad ending. Violence/Scariness — The dogs fight throughout the book, Buck fights some Indians, the dogs live through harsh circumstances, Buck gets beaten with a club. Language — Buck’s human friend calls him bad names (doesn’t say what the names are) to show his love toward Buck. Sex/Love — N/A Drugs/Alcohol — N/A Other Info Title — The Call of the Wild (Retold) Author — Jack London (Retold By Oliver Ho) Series — Classic Starts Book in Series — N/A Pages — 145 Publishing Date — 2005 Publisher — Sterling Publishing How to Get The Call of the Wild (Retold) — Amazon-TheCallOfTheWild(Retold) *The more stars the better.